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BEONDI is a professional music agency based on traditional music.
It plans and provides performances and music albums of diverse genres, such as traditional music, world music and musical plays, as well as discovering talented young artists and introducing them to the world's stages.

BEONDI's artists include
Baramgot, a well-known Korean music ensemble with top-rated performance capabilities
Park Soon-a, the best 25-string gayageum player
Kim Hyo-young, Saenghwang player that captivates the audience with mesmerizing performance
Jung Min-a, a gayageum player and singer-songwriter widely recognized around Hongdae Indie scene
Park Woo-jae, Geomungo player that led to a change in geomungo
By participating in performances of the nation's top existing players and new talented players, the agency strives to develop traditional music in diverse fashion.

By planning high-class music events such as HwaEom Spiritual Music Ritual, BEONDI strives to provide genuine performances for participated artists and the audience and contribute to developing cultural arts.


address 3F 109-7 Cheongpa-dong 3-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, KOREA 140-133
c.e.o Kim Seoung-joo business registration number 106-09-63266
tel 82-2-703-6599 fax 82-2-703-6589 e-mail beondi108@daum.net
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